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FullMetal Alchemist on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/14424741

Edward: Listen Winry..
Winry: Well? What? Just come out and say it.
Edward: Equivalent exchange!
Winry: Huh?
Edward: I’ll give half of my life to you, if you give half of yours to me!
Winry: Aw, c’mon. Do you have to treat everything like alchemy? The whole equivalent exchange thing is just nonsense!
Edward: What’d you say?!
Winry: Ugh, it’s nonsense! How about I just give you my whole life?
Winry: Uh.. maybe not all of it! 90.. maybe 80%? 7.. that’s not enough. But 85.. yeah, 85 is a good number!
[edward laughs]
Winry: What?! Shut up!
Edward: I’m sorry, really!
Winry: Edward!
Edward: You are so incredible! You knocked equivalent exchange flat on it’s butt in just a few words!
Winry: .. and what’s that mean? Are you making fun of me?
Edward: Not at all. [Edward hugs Winry] Thanks for cheering me up.

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